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Embark on a Profound Journey to Inner Awakening. We hold conversations and give insights on Advaita, Non-Duality, and the search for spiritual enlightenment with various teachers.
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I live in a small peaceful village in Co.Kerry Ireland.

my life, I’ve walked diverse paths, wearing the hat of an entrepreneur. However, my insatiable curiosity about the nature
of existence led me on a different quest—one that transcends material
success. With an innate inclination to seek answers from within from an
early age, I delved into the depths of introspection and sought guidance
from various teachers.
Over the course of two decades, I explored an array of methods and
religions, piecing together fragments of wisdom that resonated with my
intuitive understanding. Life, in its enigmatic ways, guided me through
transformative events—both worldly and spiritual—altering the very fabric
of my being. It was during a tumultuous period in 2008, when I chanced
upon Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now,” that my journey took an
unexpected turn. Something within me shifted, life changed around me in
a huge upheaval in all areas and I became immersed in a relentless pursuit
of truth.
Through encounters with extraordinary teachers and profound spiritual
experiences, my search intensified. Yet, it was around 2018 that the quest
itself seemed to reach a pivotal juncture. However, just as life tends to
surprise us, a life changing event 2019 shifted my focus surprisingly
outward, leading me into the realms of the world and business. It was
during the solitude and introspection brought about by the COVID
pandemic that a new inspiration took shape—a business podcast. But a
deeper calling also beckoned, urging me to go beyond the realm of commerce
and venture again into the depths of profound human inquiry.
Thus, The Discarded Compass was born—an endeavor dedicated to
interviewing individuals who explore the greatest question that a human
can ask: “Who am I?” Here, we delve into the intricacies of self-realization,
the realms of consciousness, and the transformative power of spiritual
awakening. Join me as we embark on an enlightening exploration,
shedding light on the path to self-discovery and unveiling the hidden
treasure that we are.

JOHN LYNCH - The Discarded Compass

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Welcome to The Discarded Compass website

What is Non Duality?

Non duality is the direct experience of the interconnectedness of all things. In everyday life, we tend to see the world as a collection of

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Welcome to The Discarded Compass website

Self Enquiry

So how to self enquire?Know that all thought is is an appearance on what you are as such( Words are lies when trying to explain)

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Welcome to The Discarded Compass website

Life After Awakening

Life goes on according to some sort of script. This is difficult to describe. Deeds are done or not done. Choices are made but no

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Welcome to The Discarded Compass website

Gods Dream

The damdest thing I heard at a meeting in Belgium with Karl Renz. Karl went on to say that this is like Gods dream. Now

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