The Discarded Compass


Our idea of freedom is taught to us a s something to achieve to have. Freedom as we know it is linked to wealth health and knowledge. We strive for enough money to make us secure and on and on in all areas of our lives. The thing is true freedom is unbounded. You’re on your own but not in that context.

Freedom from the bondage of self (From the false self centre) is akin to man becoming a unique man. A being unhinged from the constraints of the shackles of contemporary freedom he is taught. No one would want freedom if they knew what it meant. There’re no customers for the true message. I mean do you really want to die before you die? Thing is
when the teachings are seen to resonate and make sense there is no going back. Also the road is slippy if you’re lucky enough not to get side tracked. A favourite saying of mine is

“ Get off the road to enlightenment , you haven’t a chance in hell.”
To live in the system while being you could say awake is easy enough. Not much drama no racing mind. My memory is shot through and the thing is I know all that’s needed to run a business and get things done. But the sense of the past is virtually dead. It’s a wonderful easy way to live, a lighter load. More joy. More spontaneity. Then more rest, more sitting doing sweet nothing. I don’t have a fear of death. Death was lived being locked in my mind. Freedom . true freedom is a death from the known. Do you want to be free?
Truly free at any cost? This path isn’t for the faint hearted or bullshitter, because you will be found out. It takes courage and sometimes I think lifetimes of enquiry ( it is a thought of mine).

When truly free there isn’t even a concept of freedom. As the bible says the birds of the sky nether toil nor spin ( just a quote)

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