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Life After Awakening

Life goes on according to some sort of script. This is difficult to describe. Deeds are done or not done. Choices are made but no chooser. After the false self is seen through thoughts and hooks are still there for me anyway but there is a sense of inevitability about the situation… See choices are made and that’s it, the thinker is the thought… satisfaction is grasped but known to be empty of substance, so life is lived just for the sake of it, a bit like an artist paints a picture just for the sake of painting it, a graffiti artist sprays a train for the sake of it, a child scribbles a picture, Van Gogh paints a masterpiece and at the end of the day they all disappear. This is known that nothing is grasped, the thing is the handbrake of the mind is released and here anyway there is a creative happening in business and its just arising.

What I can say is different is the racing mind that was once there , it is dead, that no longer happens. It is best described in the anaolgy of a. Fan being unplugged for the power outlet. The mind slows down like an unplugged fan. When sitting there can be a. Blissful state just sitting, no mindful techniques. Being mindful is another thing, maybe at the beginning of the journey it can help but being mindful is just that it seems. Your mind is full, not very helpful. Being wit the sense of I am is interesting though.

No advantage . There you have the booby prize of enlightenment. We are taught to achieve , it’s our conventional way of living. We are taught to learn to box things up in the mind and we are a person going somewhere or worse a no hoper a failure at life that never will or never has got anywhere its the other side of the coin. The whole problem is belief in the false self centre we picked up from about the age of three. Then we turn out lucky or unlucky at life. Here I thought I was the most unlucky one and life just continually kicked me into touch. Now I feel I am probably one of the lucky few. I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that my life would go in the direction it did and to have met the most interesting and marvelous people I met. I read the most profound books and had the most amazing experiences.

The sense of me will always try to gain an advantage, even in the spiritual arena it will seek the carrot of enlightenment and hopefully the false sense of self will be seen through. Nothing can give you any advantage there is no hope of getting anything only dropping what’s false,

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