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Self Enquiry

So how to self enquire?
Know that all thought is is an appearance on what you are as such( Words are lies when trying to explain) Think of it like this.

“You” so to speak, or your true nature is always so and this is like a mirror,
“you” as such (true nature is the mirror) are what sees as and from the mirror,
“You” are not a thing like the mirror, it’s only an analogy.

Everything in existence appears on this mirror on THAT. So where did you go wrong you ask? Well you didn’t as there is not and never was a ghost of a me it was only a symptom of your ignorance, that is all the ME is, I say a symptom of ignorance.

Suffering and the symptom of ME happens this way. Thoughts come on the mirror and are believed in by the power of belief (BE-LIE-F) and through ignorance are carried on their merry or hellish way unto death do you part. Until it’s pointed out to see for yourself.. thoughts appear..how are they known? Yes the thinker is the thought, I am what I am, thoughts are SEEN..the seer cannot be seen because the seer is the mirror and the kicker is .The mirror can’t see itself and probably only knows it’s beingness because of what appears on it.

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