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What is Non Duality?

Non duality is the direct experience of the interconnectedness of all things.

In everyday life, we tend to see the world as a collection of separate objects and events. We see ourselves as separate from others, from the world around us, and even from our own bodies.
We go about our business in life often with no thought as to who we are really and where we came from. Yes we can say we were born and are this and that but these are erroneous concepts when applied to Non Duality.

We are told we have an ego and that all our problems stem from that and some say ego eradication does the trick. Well how to do that is the thing, from the offset there is NO ego. So why do we think we have one? First if we had one then there would be a knower and a known so if that’s believed in it’s surely over when you use your mind to think about it, and if you do that then you have done self enquiry, now that’s a taster of it. As Ramana Maharshi said use the mind as you would to pick out a thorn and that way you will drop the dropper.

Self enquiry I think is grace as all there is is grace and grace is all there is.

So after the self has been through there can be all sorts of different ways and experiences. They of course are just experiences happening upon that unknowable THAT. A spiritual experience of this type can be a life altering occurrence but life altering not in the way you might think. Because all you thought you knew is left to be seen as nothing but a memory, not that you would miss anything as you would know there was nothing lost and it was always so.

It is there, stateless state, the great unknowable, never graspable but always so. It is life itself but not as you know it. All words fail to describe IT. I AM THAT as Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj would say.

There is no identification with thoughts or feelings no SELF CENTER. There never was a self centre only seemingly so. No great story goes on after awakening. HISTORY… His Story is over. There can be a felt sense of connectedness with all beings and things. The world is as it is, Time is seen as an appearance, nothing changes , nothing did, nothing happened. This can’t be understood intellectually only intuitivley comprehended in a sense. It’s a falling into this, the eternal timeless moment that is always so.

To practice this you could say would be to enquire as to “Who Am I”? Or better still as a teacher Karl Renz says “Am I? – I am!” Stay with the feeling I AM Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj would say. Just know you cannot get this wrong..and right either..There is no prize nothing wonderful to have achieved just pure beingness. That’s probably why after years of contemplation the Buddha got from under the Bodhi tree and walked off.

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